A Jigsaw for Hair Wedding
Thank-you for choosing Jigsaw for Hair for your special day.

Here is some useful information for you and your Wedding party

Helpful Hair Tips…
• 2 weeks before the Wedding consider a trim & highlights.  The trim will ensure that the hair is in top shape, reducing frizzy ends.  Highlights will help the style show better in your wedding photos by better emphasizing any curl or wave patterns in your style.
• Everyone is to arrive with CLEAN DRY hair; preferably washed the night before.
• Don’t forget to where a button or zipper top to protect the hair when changing.

Helpful Make-Up Tips…
2 weeks before the Wedding, double up on water intake; stress plays havoc on our skin.  Water will keep on flushing out toxins so your skin looks radiant for your special day
• 1 week before the Wedding, consider having an eyebrow wax done; great eyebrows always add to a great make-up application.
• If having make-up applied, you are to arrive with clean, moisturized skin.
• If having a trial make-up, let your make-up artist see you first with your own make-up applied so the Artist is able to get a feel of what you like or feel free to bring pictures of your favorite looks

Mobile or In-Salon Wedding inquiries please contact us at 
info@jigsawforhair.com or call us 780-413-1743

10215 -109 St. NW, Edmonton     -     780-413-1743
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Last updated: April 10, 2017